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Worth Writing Home About

March 13, 2015

Last fall I had the privilege of taking a class at my alma mater that focused on social change, and human trafficking (specifically, the eradication of human trafficking). Not so coincidentally, that semester the school launched a crowdfunding campaign to jump start a scholarship program so that survivors of human trafficking could attend our university. Our class got involved and used the results of our efforts to write end-of-semester papers.

I had such a great experience helping launch the crowdfunding campaign, and have watched other crowdfunding campaigns wildly, insanely succeed (or not succeed, which breaks my heart) in the days since my direct involvement.

Today I want to share one that my favorite designer Emily Henderson has announced on her blog– the goal is to rebuild a homeless family shelter. The original shelter burned down but the loss turned into an opportunity as the organization was able to buy a vacant school building and enlarge capacity. The new home will help families get back onto their feet and save them from living in cars or on the street. The kids will perform better in school and the parents will be assisted in job hunting or occupational training.

The goal you’ll see on the indiegogo page is 35k, but Henderson writes in her blog post (where she announced the campaign) that they realistically need more like 200k. Considering 200k is below the average home price in Southern California, and the mega-house they are building is 8x the size of a normal family home, the dollar amount seems to make sense.

Anyway, please go over to Emily’s post where you can tell she is writing from the heart. I am in love with this plan of hers. I plan to donate… perhaps you will consider donating too!

Curtain Call

January 26, 2015

There are two things I have found that quickly turn a house into a home: hanging art on the walls, and adding the finishing touch to windows by way of curtains.

Lucky for us, we had a plethora of curtain options at our disposal for f-r-e-e thanks to our many-windowed Kansas bungalow (seriously, that place had no less than fifteen windows, most of which were dressed), so we pulled many of them out of storage and put them to work.

First up, the bedroom. This addition was one of the first things we tackled after moving in last May. I don’t want the neighbors spying on me pulling on my PJ’s every night or getting ready every morning, thankyouverymuch.

Bedroom Curtains

I like waking up with the light (getting out of bed in a dark room is almost impossible for me) so I thought going light with the curtains would be a great strategy. The heavier black iron-look curtain rod (here) helps polish things off, and the simple ring finials are so chic. The masculine rod balances the subtle feminine flower pattern in the curtains. We previously used these in the guest room in our Kansas house. Discontinued IEKA; we got these on clearance over two years ago.

Secondly, the living room. I wanted something navy to go go across the room of our dark teak credenza. The carpet and walls in the living room are really light and I thought that dark curtains would look really chic.

Living Room

These are the only curtains that we didn’t already have. I found this great fabric at IKEA that had an interesting pattern that I liked, and was pretty masculine so Doug was pretty excited. I flexed my long-dormant sewing muscle and whipped these up in about two hours. I’d like to add a lining and they are currently hemmed with pins, because I am debating if I like the one-to-two inch pool or if I want them to be a touch shorter. What do you think?

The office. Or guest room. Or catch-all room. No photographic evidence, sorry! We recently installed organizational shelving in here and it now houses all of our books and media. Curtains will protect them from the UV rays which can/will yellow the pages. This room gets amazing afternoon light and will be where I shoot most of the items for my Etsy store. I don’t want anything with a strong color distorting the sunlight, though. We grabbed a pretty silver rod from Home Depot’s Home Decorator Collection, which proved to be much easier to install than the Lowe’s Allen + Roth curtain rods we’d bought previously (note to self). We slapped up two cream-colored Chesapeake curtains from Target that we already had on hand from our old bedroom. Perfection!

Dining Room Curtains

The dining room was the last room to be curtain-ed, but I’m really, really happy to be able to use the now discontinued green vine IKEA panels. I didn’t even realize it until we hung them up, but the tree outside has red berries on it just like the pattern in the curtain panels. We used the KVARTAL system by IKEA which was surprisingly easy to put up. I was worried about sturdiness but I’m happy to report that it’s really much more heavy duty than I expected. We don’t close these much anyway, so it’s really mostly for looks, and the room seems much warmer with them up.

Okay, Long Enough

January 23, 2015


I’m back. Not posting since October is pretty much unbelievable. If you were to tell me I’d go this long without updating I’d say you were crazy, but here we are.

This fall and winter there has been so much blogging about blogging. The state of blogging, what things used to be like, and where blogs are going in the future. Taking a break from writing has actually been really nice for me. Do I want my blog to be my “brand” and treat it like a part time job (that I make no money from)? Or, do I want to blog the way I did when I started out, to show friends (and now strangers) how things are shaping up around my home, and random things I like, and pretty pictures of the places I go?

Since I took a break from writing in the ole blog but didn’t take a break from reading blogs, noting what works for some bloggers and what works for other bloggers, I’m confident that I want to do the second option from above. Post about what’s meaningful to me, not what I think people want to read or what I can conveniently sneak onto my Pinterest boards in hopes it will get popular. (Although, I probably will still sneak things onto my Pinterest boards).

That said, believe it or not I actually have a handful of posts half-written that will be hauled out and dusted off, and photos to work on. So expect more from me soon!


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