Our Portland AirBnB

When we were in Portland last July, there were several conventions and events happening city-wide so we couldn’t find any affordable hotel rooms. Enter Airbnb! We had used the site once in the past, when we stayed in Denver, so we knew it was easy to book a stylish, comfortable place.

The place we stayed in was a basement-level apartment north of the Alberta Arts district. I like the idea of an Airbnb most when the rental is within or attached to (but still separate) from someone’s home. This place, called Peaceful Retreat, was just that. Very peaceful with a monochromatic color scheme. The couple that owns the home are both designers, and you can tell.

Portland AirBnB

Portland AirBnB

I loved the cozy accessories. If we were there longer I would have liked to take better advantage of the sound system, games, and kitchen.

Portland AirBnB

Portland AirBnBl

Portland AirBnB

We weren’t downtown like we were last time, but since we had always intended on renting a car anyway, it was nice to be in a quiet part of town. I like taking advantage of Airbnb especially to check out cool neighborhoods in big cities that don’t really have a large hotel presence. If you have a trip coming up, possibly during the holidays, keep one of these vacation rentals in mind especially as hotels may have filled up! If you haven’t joined Airbnb yet, here’s my referral link, which will give me a little somethin’ somethin’ for recommending you. ;)

Disclosure: I was not asked by Airbnb to write this review (they have no idea who I am), but if you use my code to join, I get a credit to my account. 

New Glasses!

I’ve been rocking the same pair of blue-gray plastic glasses (that Libby helped me pick out) for the last three years. They’re starting to show a little wear and tear and I’ve been in the mood for something new. I had literally just started shopping around for a new pair of specs when Firmoo reached out to me and asked if I wanted to order a pair to try out. Consider me floored! This is my first time working with a company like this– Now I’ve really hit the big time!! I was a little wary at first but a couple other bloggers I know of have collaborated with Firmoo in the past and it seemed like it would be fun… Time for a large photo of me in my new glasses!

Firmoo Glasses

Here’s the thing…! The site is super affordable (we’re talking like 40 bucks), which I was really excited about, since it opens the door to get a more “trendy” pair that otherwise I/you may have been too nervous to commit multiple hundreds of dollars to. I’ve wanted to try one of these “vintage” horn-rimmed glasses ever since being inspired by the character Kristen Kringle on Gotham. All the horn-rims I have tried on at optometrists have left me a bit “meh” especially when considering the price tag and the year(s) of commitment.

This is my first pair of wire glasses since fourth grade. FOURTH. GRADE. I’ve been rocking the thick plastic since middle school, and doing it with aplomb. I more or less consider it “my look” and it’s what lets people know that I have rock/emo roots and I am not to be messed with!! (Or… something like that). So, I was intrigued by wire glasses. Would they be lighter? Would they be flimsy? These are much sturdier than I expected and nicely constructed. There is Korean writing on the inside of one of the arms. I keep joking about “my funny new glasses from China,” which is accurate but the quality is quite nice. I was very pleasantly surprised with how they look especially since I was unable to try them on before buying. The website has tips like measuring the width of your current pair and basing your selection off of that.

Firmoo Glasses

My one problem has to be with the focus. The prescription is very clear, since I typed it in off of the paper I got from the optometrist, but I think I measured my pupilary distance (from pupil to pupil) incorrectly. I mean… it’s hard to be precise when it’s just you and your best friend holding up a ruler to the bridge of your nose in the bathroom. I can’t wear these at work because the computer screen is too close and it’s hard to focus my eyes. But for going out (and importantly, I have no problem driving with them), these are fine “hanging out” glasses which is really cool to me. I’ve never had a “just ’cause” pair for fashion reasons until now and it’s fun changing up my look!

Firmoo Glasses

So, in summary, if you are looking for a pair of “occasional” glasses I think it’s worth your time to check out Firmoo. I’m not going to transition to these for my main pair (i.e., can’t wear them all day at work) but I have been consistently been wearing them when hanging out with friends and love peeking in the mirror to see them since I’d been rocking my old style for so long. If you want to check them out, new customers get 15% off.

Disclosure: For the first time ever, I got free product for writing a blog post!
Photo Credit: Angela Cerda Photography 


A lot of bloggers I like post these little Friday “recommended reading” posts, and I came across a lot of stuff interesting to me this week (and last week) that I thought maybe some of my friends and readers would be interested in.

There’s a new book out in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, but it’s written by a new author (Stieg Larssen passed away). This is a controversial development for fans of the series. Check out this interesting NPR piece for a couple of perspectives. I have the book on hold at the library and will be getting my mitts on it this weekend! Can’t wait.

Ever wonder why pop songs all sound the same? They are written by the same bald Scandinavians. This is a bummer, but most of the songs are pretty solid so I guess they know what they’re doing.

Two San Diego-centric links: This cool old bandshell is a case study in the fact that San Diego almost always lets cool old things fall into disrepair. I feel we could be a little more like LA in this way (what with The Forum and the Hollywood Bowl, to name a couple). On the positive side, this very cool art installation (not sponsored by anyone, just the photographer/resident) gives me hope for neighborhood unity through diversity!

I’m trying my hardest to hop on the Podcast train. I need something to occupy my mind while exercising, and our condo’s workout room does not have a TV. So, like the rest of the internet, last week I discovered Limetown which from what I can tell after two episodes is like LOST meets Serial. Very highly recommended!!

I hope you like one or all of these links! Got something to share with me? Put it in the comments!