Wood Pallet Room Divider

Update 7/12/11
Thank you to everyone who finds this page through google, stumbleupon or pinterest (among others). It is by far the most-visited page on my blog! I never thought this project would be so popular! Please leave a comment below with your thoughts!! 


Inch by inch, the master bedroom is coming together. We still lack a headboard (looking for the perfect wrought-iron one at the perfect price takes patience) and we are in a rut when it comes to a couple of blank walls, BUT(!) we have divided up the enormous room into half-bedroom half-workspace by constructing a room divider like so:

While in Boston, we saw something like this in a fancy modern furniture store, retailing somewhere between $200-$300. Yikes! Knowing that we could make one ourselves, Doug surprised me one Saturday with pallets (free) which he had assembled like you see here!

After a bit of finessing and perfecting, we moved them into place where they sat blank for over a month. I simply didn’t have enough to hang on them and didn’t want to just do part. So patiently I accumulated New York-themed hangings and finally last weekend hung them on the wall. Using small nails and binder clips meant I didn’t have to buy frames for anything I didn’t want to poke holes in (like the RENT poster). This method of hanging also means I can switch out and add new things easily!

Now if only the perfect headboard would fall right into my lap… actually, that would probably really hurt…

Here is a wider shot of the divider in action. It was the perfect height and length to divide up a huge room into two normal-sized rooms for the office and bedroom.


41 thoughts on “Wood Pallet Room Divider

  1. That’s an interesting style idea–to use the nails and clips. I think it’d be especially good for people who like to theme their houses for the holidays, because of the ease of interchanging the pieces of art/decoration. =D

  2. I think the clip idea would be great for dorm rooms, as well, using push pins and then hanging posters on the push pins utilizing clips. . .

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    • Thanks, Heather! I love the idea of using these outside but would be curious if they should be weather treated. I am planning on moving these outdoors when I get a good 1960s style buffet or china cabinet to put where they are now (in my new place).

    • The edges are rough, but it helps that the pallets we used are relatively new and clean! I have snagged a sweater on the rough wood when I got too close though.
      They are held on top of each other by hinges put on the “wrong” way, two on each set of pallets, although any strong straight metal would work. We used hinges because they already had holes in them.
      There are large triangle-shaped hinges holding them together in the middle which means we can change its angle if we need to. Also, it folds in half, which was handy when we moved it to our new place!

    • If you bend them where the two panels meet, they are more stable. Of course there is danger of them falling, depending on what velocity they are hit at. Mine were stable for many months arranged this way. I do not recommend straightening them out because then it will be very wobbly. If you want to straighten it out it’ll need some other kind of support, possibly attached to another wall, ceiling, or extensions on the floor.

  4. What are the dimensions? I was hoping to do this on an ugly wall we have at our wedding venue. Can’t attach anything so we could make our own wall!

    • I’m not positive on the dimensions since its currently packed up and put away, but I’d say each pallet was somewhere around 3 to 4 feet? I bet you could make one like this no problem!

  5. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this. I want to separate my washer and dryer from the rest of my garage so I can have my own little space for laundry(rent houses lol) and this would be perfect!

    • Thanks for stopping by to say hi, and thanks for letting me know it was on Design Milk! Looks like I had a lot of “nays” but I suppose wood pallets are not for everyone. The nail and clip idea, however, I think can be applied in tons of different settings!

  6. I just wanted to let you know that I’m actually using one of these in my wedding! One side will have photos of me as a child, and the other will have photos of my (soon to be) husband. I am so excited, I think it will be one of the most memorable things about my wedding! Thanks for the idea! :)

  7. How heavy do you think these things are? And if I’m looking at them right–they’ve got horizontal hinges as well, right? holding the top/bottom ones together? If they were outside and the wind hit them, would they fold/fall?
    o.0 just wondering. Thinking a fence like this would be perfect for our yard.
    Great project!

    • Thanks for all your questions, Leah! I think if you were making a fence out of these for your yard, then you should definitely check with the city ordinances as far as proper fencepost depth, and put fenceposts into the ground as you would with any other fence. Other than that, you could attach the pallets to those using extra long screws!
      We happened to attach the bottom ones to the top ones using hinges because that’s what we had on hand, but you could use other metal or wood pieces–something longer would probably be more secure.

  8. I’m attempting to make these for a fundrasing event. I was just taking a second look and was wondering if you removed the back pieces of the pallet?

  9. What a great idea! I really needed something inexpensive to divide off a workspace from my jewelry shop. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I hope no one else has asked this… I’m sure I’ve read all the comments… but are you using the pallet as is? You didn’t take them apart at all? So it’s just 4 full pallets? I’ve got them in my garage ready to go… :)

  11. I’ve been wanting a room divider for my craft room for a long time and this is the answer!

    It’s not too precious so I can decorate/un-decorate/re-decorate at will without having to pre-plan for studs or worry about marring the surface.

    I have a half wall that I stuck some push pins into just under the trim so the holes wouldn’t show and looped a length of yarn as my “display board”. I’ve found that wooden clothes pins, large and small are great holder-on-ers, plus they give me something else to craft!

    I’ve also stuck a couple of push pins through my craft lamp shade and hung a bider clip on it, which also works with a magnet that looks like a push pin with a binder clip.

    My third thought upon seeing this [1 was cheap! 2 was "we have a stack of pallets] was to take some ribbon or butcher’s twine to wind/weave around the slats and from front to back to replace my yarn string.

    The possibilities with this are almost endless. Plus,this would be a great place to audition different paint colours or designs on a bigger space before committing to something.

    Thanks for posting this. Seems to be an obvious, brilliant, “why didn’t I think of that” solution.

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