Goodbye, Summer

Alas, yesterday was my birthday, and the first day of fall, which usually coincide. I’ve been drinking pumpkin spice lattes all September but now it’s official–summer has gone. I’ll pause to let you wipe away a tear.

We recently took Mosey to the dog beach for a few glamour shots to submit to an Italian greyhound-themed 2014 calendar (I think it will be sold as a fundraiser) and thought I’d share some favorites here. Of course, this won’t be our last trip to Dog Beach this year, as the weather will probably stay pretty good for a while (although it is getting chillier) but celebrating our time at the beach seemed like a fitting way to send off my favorite season.







Goodbye, Summer! We’ll see you next year.

What’s in Your Beach Bag?

Beach Bag

  • Before you pull all your gear together, you have to start out with the bag. This one is amazing. Of course, you could use a backpack or one of those reusable grocery bags too, if you wanted to save a few bucks.
  • For some people, getting a new swimsuit and towel every spring is like a ritual. “Now I’m ready for summer,” the act says. I haven’t gotten a new beach towel since 2005 (I loooove the one I have) but I did get a new swimsuit this year, after the elastic finally went out on my old one. Yikes. Long story short–if I was getting a towel this year, I would get this one!
  • Sunscreen. I hate, hate, hate it! I dislike sunburns more, though. This stuff should get the job done without causing massive break-outs. I really do prefer the kind you rub in to the kind you spray on–it’s more effective and you’re able to make sure you didn’t miss a spot. Plus, you can ask someone cute to help you apply it ;)
  • Some people can really pull off the big floppy hat. I certainly can’t. If you know how to rock it without looking like a fool, I would like some tips. Anyway, it’s a super way to keep the sun off your face and shoulders. (Photo found here.)
  • Magazines–my current favorites are Bon Appetit and Sunset. Another fave that I used to read more while living in Kansas was Southern Living. The mix of food, travel, and interiors in those regional mags just does it for me!
  • Water. Yes! Make sure to stay hydrated. All that sun and salt water will leave you pretty crispy unless you drink tons of water. I like this kind of water bottle, with a straw.
  • Games. You could bring something as simple as a football or soccer ball. Group games like horseshoes are also really popular!
  • Snacks. My current guilty pleasures are these Terra vegetable chips. I can’t buy them because it’s too risky–I just might eat the whole bag in one sitting; and they aren’t exactly cheap!

“HOLD UP,” I hear you saying, “I don’t live near the beach.” Relax! Use this list as a jumping-off point for any outdoor activity, like a picnic at the park, non-strenuous hike, or something like that. Sub a lightweight blanket or tablecloth for the towel and you’re in business!!

All-American Style

“All-American.” Now that’s a crazy phrase if you think about it. First came the Native Americans, then the Puritans, westward expansion, not to mention the Spanish influence down here in the SouthWest, and in more modern times the influx of immigrants from all over the world. It’s the wonderful and sometimes strife-ful diversity that makes our country the land of opportunity! That said… Who’s to say that the preppy look of chinos and cardigans is “All-American?” Yet, that’s the look I’m drawn to this time of year. I just want to wear crisp whites, and if I had a pair of Sperry Topsiders you know I’d be rocking them!

4th of July


Eat this: I’ve had a lot of hot dogs in my day, from the classic American (ketchup and mustard) to a Los Angeles street dog (wrapped in bacon and served with onions and bell peppers) but I think the Chicago-style dog is my favorite. The garlic-poppyseed dusted bun and whole pickle slice? Yes please!

Wear this: If there was ever a time to wear Tommy Hilfiger, I think that summertime, right around 4th of July, is the best time. Bonus points if you’re on a sailboat somewhere.

Just a few of these: The last two years in Kansas, we were able to purchase our own fireworks and set them off in the driveway, which was fun but somehow felt very redneck (having grown up in areas with really strict rules about such things).

I’m not one to be overly patriotic, but I can appreciate a toned-down Independence Day shindig every year when it rolls around.

This year, Doug and I will both be working! I shouldn’t be surprised because he worked on Christmas too (I won’t complain about holiday bonus pay), but I’m a little surprised that my store will be open on the 4th. I guess we’ll see how busy it is. We’re celebrating early– this afternoon we’re going to my parents’ house to enjoy some hot dogs, and perhaps a hamburger or two, under their brand new patio cover, which is also wired with lights and a ceiling fan. Fancy indeed!

You got plans for tomorrow?