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Wedding Vendors

For a lot of my “big deal” stuff, like flowers, paper goods, and food, I made the concious decision to stay local in McPherson. Giving my business to Main Street is a big deal for me as many American small towns have suffered and continue to suffer due to chain stores, and the internet.

Here, I’ve made a list of the local vendors I used and LOVED. I hope this
can be of use to a bride in the McPherson or south central Kansas area.

Jessica Lundberg, Fruits of the Spirit. So warm and lovely to work with :)

Anne Kirchner, Amics. Always delicious. I am lucky enough to work at Amics
and benefit from the deliciousness constantly ;)

Reger Rental, Hutchinson, KS. The rustic brown chairs I fell in love
with were luckily the cheapest choice ;) The catch is we had to acquire our
own U-Haul and transport them to and from Hutchinson
ourselves (no delivery outside Hutchinson)

Paper Goods
Traci and Phil Parrish, Atelier Design and Print. I used them for
my invites, RSVPs, and programs. Love the fact that I got
face-to-face contact as opposed to ordering something online.

Fellowship Hall, McPherson Free Methodist Church. Tons of space, plus a kitchen!

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