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If you’re planning your own trip and you’re interested in using any of the places I’ve liked, I’ve listed them here. (Bad places omitted; Not-so-good places listed with a caveat). Unless noted, most of these locations are either good for one on foot, or near public transit.


Adelaide Hostel
, San Francisco CA
5 Isadora Duncan Ln
San Francisco, CA 94102-1220
(415) 359-1915

Full-Service Hotel
Club Quarters
, Boston MA
161 Devonshire Street
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 357-6400

Inn at St. John
, Portland ME
939 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04102
(207) 773-6481
**Note: Not in close walking distance–good if you have a car rented

Boutique Hotel
The Moonrise
, Saint Louis, MO
6177 Delmar In The Loop
St. Louis, MO 63112
(314) 721-1111

The Saguaro Palm Springs, Palm Springs, CA
1800 East Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92264
(760) 323-1711


Vacation Home
Huyze Anna, Bruges
Schouwvegerstraat 13
Bruges, Belgium


Zewener Hof, Trier-Zewen
Kant Strasse 4
54294 Trier-Zewen
**Note: 7km and across the river from Trier proper; good for those with a rental car.


Hotel Beauty
, Rome
Via Napoleone III (3rd floor)
Rome, Italy 00185


Saharan Expedition
Auberge Kasbah Biouvac LaHamda, Merzouga (Sahara desert)
GPS: N 31 13 036 / W 003 58 750
**Note: Take a bus to Rissani; call and they will pick you up.


Blue Planet, Paris
5, rue Hector Malot
12 Arr., 75012 Paris, France
**Caveat: Not 100% recommended per se; full of noisy youngsters, but if you can only afford a hostel, this one has proved dependable on two separate occasions, is in a good neighborhood, and very close to a major train & metro station.


Backpacker’s Hotel/Hostel
Hostal Facundo
, Tarifa
Batalla del Salado, 47
11380 Tarifa, Spain

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