Let’s Start Learning

We started classes today. Arabic from 8:30 to 11:45(?) and CORE class from 2:00 to 5:00. Each class gave us a break halfway through; don’t worry about me too much.

Arabic is, well, Arabic… today I began to learn the alphabet, which the teacher claimed was “not too hard” but HE WAS WRONG–it is way hard. I feel like a little kid, except my teacher goes waaayyy faster and I don’t have adorable little board books with apples and boats and cats. I’m totally getting gypped! In the last half of class he tried to teach me “Hi,” “My name is Staci,” and “I’m from America,” but he was going at light-speed and since I just started learning my letters today I couldn’t really decipher the words as quickly as he expected me to and there were no English phonetic transcriptions so it really is incumbent on me to learn these letters as quickly as possible. Maybe sometime I’ll get one of the advanced students to help me type some so I can show you how difficult it really is. Did I mention I am the only student in the class?

For lunch we had hamburgers and fries at a cafe THAT HAS BRAINS ON THE MENU. Yes you read that right. Brains. I was the only one who noticed because it said “cervelle,” and the others in the group don’t speak French and didn’t know the Arabic word for brain. Upon further investigation it was confirmed that yes, one can order brain for cheaper than a hamburger. GROSS RIGHT?!

The CORE class is our Moroccan history/sociology/politics/etc class and was a welcome breath of fresh air after crazy hard Arabic in the morning. Discussing Morocco is great and using two languages I know (English, litereally, and the language/vocabluary of Political Science, thank you) was MUCH BETTER.  But yeah the professor seems really knowledgeable and he explained things in a way that made 3 hours go by really quickly.

I have homework already!! Its actually kind of nice having something to do in my spare time (that is, something I HAVE to do).


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5 thoughts on “Let’s Start Learning”

  1. Homework? Nice? Are you sure you know what you were typing? So did you eat the brains? That’s pretty gross. But it seems like since you’re there you might as well give them a try. :)

    1. No way, I don’t consider myself a Hannibal type brain-eater. Thanks for commenting :) :) And it IS kind of nice to have homework to do since I can’t understand anything that’s on TV, etc :)

  2. arabic seems like it would be hard… :( im sorry the professor is lame and is going to fast… maybe since your the only one in the class he’ll pick up on your pace and you’ll be a much smoother team :))

    (that sounded like something a mother would say.. but whatever)

    dude brains gross..



  3. ME: A’salaam ulay-ukum. Ismi Kaz. A’ner men San Diego.

    YOU: Ulay-ukum a’salaam. Uda Staci. A’ner men America.

    Bon chance avec le classe!

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