Pool Party!

My professor had us over today for couscous and pool-relaxing, which was…. awesome. It is so hot here. Sitting by the pool, eventually jumping in, and reading the book Angela lent me was just what I needed :D We hung around the pool for about an hour, tossed around a purple ball with some neighborhood boy (whose worried looking… nanny? kept stressing out over him falling into the pool). This two year old knows more Arabic than I do :/. The good news is, I now know “laa” means “no.” I know what “yes” is when I hear it but can’t remember what it is right now. Also “le bez” means “what’s up” so that’s useful I guess…


After sitting around the pool, we had couscous with my professor’s family, including his brother and sister-in-law. The conversation was mostly in French so I had the upper hand on my fellow students for once! Yesssssss… They were talking about the elections (today was not only the election in Iran but in Morocco too. For the parliament anyway) and the whole experience was just very cosmopolitan. He lives in a spacious and well decorated house, you can tell he has money, and they were having conversations about politics in two or three languages all at once. Yes, very hoity-toity indeed.

Did I mention that I met a moderately-famous Moroccan Singer? Yeah, she’s my professor’s niece.


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3 thoughts on “Pool Party!”

  1. Yay glad you had fun and are reading the book, do you like it so far? I am also jealou of your wordpress acount and artsy like photos, I havent even started to upload mine XD.

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