Beach Day

My family sure knows how to do a beach day. They’ve got it down to a science… two umbrellas, one tent/wind shield thing, boogie boards, a cooler, chairs, towels, etc, all loaded up in the car in less than ten minutes… would have taken my CA family an hour to get it done… anyway needless to say I spent all day at the beach. We were there from 11:45 to about 9. Yeah, I said ALL DAY. Don’t worry, I put on sun screen.

It was different from San Diego beaches–more rocks, but there were tide pools and no intimidating signs to leave the wildlife alone, so putting aside my strict US indoctrination I took the liberty of  poking at the fish and catching a hermit crab. Other things that were different from US beaches… women wearing long sleeves and head scarves instead of tank tops and shorts or less. I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to brown my legs but I left my shirt on out of respect… I was only 50% outrageous I guess. I mean, not all the women were wearing long sleeves and such but I’d say about half or more were. I know its a choice in this country and all (we’re not in Saudi Arabia or anything), but all I kept thinking about how sweltering they must have been in the sun!

It was a clean and gorgeous isolated beach in Temara
It was a clean and gorgeous isolated beach in Temara

Secondly, I was going to post this last night after my trip to the medina but the internet was being terribly uncooperative. So yesterday I wore one of Angela’s gypsy skirts in order to take advantage of the delightful breeze since we were going to be walking… many many miles (I couldn’t even estimate how many. Suffice it to say we hoofed it all around Rabat). Anyway, even though I wore the skirt I wore tennis shoes and socks. Later when I got home, I took off the socks and shoes and there was a CLEAR line between where they had kept my feet clean and where the dirt and grime of the city had made its way onto my body. And I shall share this image with you :)

Gross, right? Not a flattering pic of my feets but I had to share!
Gross, right? Not a flattering pic of my feets but I had to share!

Also instead of doing my homework I’ve been addicted to since I got home from the beach… You should probably give it a gander…


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3 thoughts on “Beach Day”

  1. Hooray for Rabat body grime! I’m so happy for you experiencing all this awesome stuff and whatnot :) REALLY makes me want to get out of Hutch right….NOW!!!

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