Sick! Oh, and Music

I’m only kind of sick but its still irritating. I had a stomachache all morning and now I have a splitting headache. The original plan was to take a nap as soon as I got home from school, but I have an Arabic midterm that I need to study for (the test is Wednesday) and a 5 page paper also due Weds that I was unaware of. LAME… but such is school. I am thinking back fondly upon the days when summer break was really just for relaxing. I’m talking about the days before summer school and for that matter, summer jobs. Can I be 16 again?

Anyway, time to study Arabic. There is so much I don’t know, but the amount of words I’m given each night are really way too many to learn in such a short time.

Anyway today, for part of our class, we visited a recording studio and the producer there gave us small lecture about Moroccan music–traditional stuff and modern stuff. We watched a video by my prof’s niece Nabyla (who, according to the lecturer is one of the only distinctly Moroccan artists to achieve mainstream popularity here–most popular Moroccan artists are hip-hop). Moroccan music has influenced musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and yes, Led Zeppelin!

Here’s a video that my computer won’t play for me (javascript is having issues and I am none too pleased about it) but this is one song in particular he was talking about today influenced by Moroccan music.


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2 thoughts on “Sick! Oh, and Music”

  1. dude that video was coollness :>

    im so sorry your sick :(( thats so lammeee but youll get better.. i have a feeling though your going to get better soon :>

    dude and who knew moroccoo was so important in the world of music… NOT DAVERNAVID

    good luck on your midterm and paper :>

  2. That video was a phantasmagorical blur of awesomeness! Especially towards the end when all the people started getting into it :)

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