Sand and Camels but no Desert!

Note to self: don’t go tanning on a beach in a city called “the city of wind.” You will most certainly be consumed by sand.

In other news: I SAW CAMELS TODAY! Okay, it wasn’t really legitimate because it was just some guys on the beach trying to make a quick Dirham enticing foreigners to ride them… but I saw like 7 and they are WAY HUGER than I had pictured. I mean, I’m always surprised by how big horses are in real life, but these guys made horses look downright manageable. (The camel guys were riding horses too). My prof got all up-in-arms about it because we aren’t in the desert and thus the appearance of camels isn’t legit but it doesn’t make me want to ride them any less. He said we should be able to ride some in Marrakesh on Sunday which also isn’t ideal in his eyes but it’s better than on the beach.

The hotel does not, in fact, have free wi-fi which is a HUGE bummer so we all went together and bought 5 days worth of unlimited access from Pete’s room and that’s what I’m using now. This is not ideal but its better than not having it at all. Now we get to put our sharing/taking turns lessons from kindergarten to good use.

I hope that’s an adequate explanation for why today and yesterday’s posts have been so lackluster. Sorry readers! Sunday night you will have a super post with pictures of the Gnawa festival and of CAMELS! Now I shall go take a nap in order to rest up for tonight’s festivities. Have a great Friday!


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4 thoughts on “Sand and Camels but no Desert!”

  1. OMG I KNOW camels are BOHEMETH

    like… i went to this musical in nampa… and like there was a camel in the musical.. (for no reason whatsoever other then oohs and ahhs but thats beside the point)


    STOOD on the shoulders of another person… they’d be able to look it in the eye..

    like…omg… like i actually have ranted about this EXACT subject, before.

  2. Camels are so fascinating. I had no idea they were so big. I did know some other stuff though about them, though. Did you know…

    …they sleep two hours a day, but don’t fear the reaper?
    …they eat from trees and play Mine Sweeper?
    …they weigh 3 tons and come from outerspace?

    Interestingly, some scientists now believe they were sent here to destroy the human race. Man, camels are soooo extreme! I’ve got more examples: Did you know…

    …vampire blood runs through their veins?
    …their forked tongues wag driving us insane?
    …we’ll be herded into camps when the time is right?
    …they eat our brains for their delight?

    Staci, I’d watch out for those guys. They drink gasoline, spit pure fire, and take to the sky on the leathery wings of a bat! If you get too close, they’ll send you straight to hell! Watch out!

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