Today on the way back to Rabat we stopped for about 4 hours in the “Red City” of Marrakech. We visited a Quranic boarding school that had been in use for centuries until it finally closed in the 1960s. It was very interesting… we also got a tour through the medina and the souks (workshops). We saw crafstmen making wood, leather, and metal products. We also stopped in a beautiful museum, and after that, went to the square where there were snake charmers (cobra snakes!!) and monkeys. I totally GOT TO HOLD a monkey!!! He was so cute!!!

So, um, the little guy got to second base!
So, um, the little guy got to second base!

Also (sorry for not posting yesterday, I didn’t get back to the hotel room till about 2AM) last night I saw 80s band Arrested Development at the Gnaoua festival (apparently I have been spelling it wrong) and did a lil dancing, it was great. Before that we visited a vineyard, took a tour of the cave (wine cellar) and had a really intense four-course meal. I think I had more to say on the subject but I am quite weary and can’t remember… so I’ll just have to save it for my next update.


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5 thoughts on “Marrakech”

  1. I’m glad you had another really awesome weekend! It would appear that the monkey did too, lol

  2. Staci, your trip sounds amazing so far! And you’re excellent at putting everything into words. I only wish there were more entries ;) p.s. I’m totally jealous that you got to hold a monkey! And the fact that you’re in Morocco? lol. Be adventuresome as much as possible, b/c you will regret it if you aren’t! much love,

  3. THAT MONKEY PICTURE… IS THE BEST!!!!!! like OMG! lol that could be my favorite picture of all time lol

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