Quick Update

I’ll write something longer later I think, but here’s a quick note that I uploaded a bunch of pictures from this weekend to my facebook and flickr. Comments greatly appreciated.

Beautiful sunset over the walls of Essaouira
Beautiful sunset over the walls of Essaouira

I kind of went flickr crazy because the month is almost up and I had only used up 38% of my monthly bandwidth, so I uploaded some pics that I really liked from earlier this month. The best way to see these is to click on “more photos” under the flickr sidebar to your right, then when you get to my photo page, click on the  Morocco 2008 set. They’re all in a more coherent order than the order in which I uploaded them.


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2 thoughts on “Quick Update”

  1. betta use up that bandwith while you can gurrrrll


    and that is SUCH a beautiful picture :)

    (off to look at Flickr pictures)

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