Shopping Day

Finally got all my gifts bought...
Finally got all my gifts bought...

I got all my souvenir shopping done today–I waited until the end so I would have a good idea of fair prices and wouldn’t go overboard. The first week everything was so new and exciting, I would have spent three times as much on dumb stuff. So I’m pretty pleased with my purchases. I was careful not to get heavy stuff because I am really concerned about going over my suitcase’s weight limit from Rome to Paris. Everything should work out though!

Also, I took the bus to the school today because we were all meeing there… I’m glad my host dad drove me to school this whole time because it took like an hour. 15 minutes is much better.


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One thought on “Shopping Day”

  1. Exciting times! BTW I hope you find a ride to the Casablanca airport! Airport number 4 of 10, as it were.

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