Europe, Here I Come!

Tomorrow begins my week-long Euro travels! I wasn’t getting very worked up about it until it hit me today that this is my first trip like, alone alone. Before I was with a group or had someone waiting to meet me/pick me up but this time it’s all me. And my gigantic luggage. Getting from place to place is NOT going to be fun, but hopefully I find my way from the airport to the hostel without incident. Cross your fingers. And be thinking of and praying for me tomorrow at 9am CST/ 7am PST, because (if I did my math correctly) that’s when I’m going to be finding my place in Rome.

The plan is as follows: tomorrow, flight from Casa to Rome. Rome for three days.  21st, flight from Rome to Paris. I’m coming back to the states on the 24th.

Internet may be quite intermittent so keep checking here for updates but also don’t be surprised if LRL goes through a little dry spell. Love you all! Talk to you soon!


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