Rome Day 1

I got here no problem, praise God! TBH I really was worried about finding my hostel but it was like 4 blocks from the train station. Easily located on the free map I got at the airport. Almost forgot to take a photo of airport number 5, but I remembered at the last second and snapped one from the train. The French people I was sharing the compartment with looked at me like I was wierd, so I explained to them what I was doing (in French, yes I am a rockstar) and I they still thought I was weird Im pretty sure. Oh well!

So, it was still broad daylight when I got to my hostel so I set out for the Colosseum at once. Partly because it is the closest historic monument to my hostel, and partly because its the whole reason I chose Rome as a destination in the first place. The sun was setting, which was helpful because the Colosseum is pretty much due west from my hostel, so I just followed that, checking streets with my map every couple blocks. I probably looked really touristy. Anyway I reached this park area and i was about to get my map out, but something made me glance up and… THERE IT WAS, looming just past the park. I picked up the pace and made it over there quickly. Once I got up next to it… it was just amazing. It is SO HUGE. It took my breath away in a way that no monument ever has before, natural or manmade. I took about a bazillion pictures because it was so beautiful in the sun-going-down light (not quite sunset yet) and took a lap all the way around it. Then I wandered around the area for a while and took inventory of what to do tomorrow, and mentally planned out my next two days.

Tomorrow I am doing a walking tour as outlined in my Frommers book in the morning, then in the afternoon going up to the area by the Trevi fountain. Then on Monday I will pay a visit to the Pope and give him my due respects.

Since I am at an internet cafe, not using my laptop, there wont be any pictures (or apostrophes, if youd noticed) until I get a) home or b) find a wi-fi place in Paris. Well, now you know I am safe and sound! Hopefully I will update again tomorrow. Love you all!


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3 thoughts on “Rome Day 1”

  1. Faced with the enormity of the Colosseum, one might forget it was built for brutality and bloodsport, the graveyard of many a Christian.

    But that’s cool, just go on admiring imperial excess.

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