Wild Wild West

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I’m in the wild southwest and I’m doing okay. We’re in Santa Fe tonight and its the first I’ve had wi-fi in a while!

We started this trip last Saturday… from Temecula we made it to Flagstaff, where we enjoyed the fresh mountain air. After Flagstaff we went on up to the four corners, which wasn’t in itself very exciting but I was pleased because growing up in Colorado, I always wanted to go and never got the chance. That afternoon we explored Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado and saw the famous cliff dwellings. They truly were amazing!

I wanted to move right in!
I wanted to move right in!

We stayed at a Super 8 in Cortez, CO and from what I saw of the town I was glad I didn’t live there. After that we spent a few days in Colorado Springs doing relatively little. It was nice to stay put after a few days on the road. Tomorrow night the fam is stopping at Phoenix and Saturday we’re rafting down a lazy river–apparently it will be several hours! Sounds relaxing but I’m going to try my best not to get sunburned. I haven’t gotten one yet this season and I don’t want to start now!

Several days in Colorado Springs were great; we saw some old friends and drove around the area where we used to live. Our old house was painted a strange mauve color (used to be white/beige) and the parents were in an uproar. Colorado is really beautiful; my friend and I got caught in a thunderstorm (okay, we were at Starbucks) yesterday evening which only lasted about half an hour… Colorado weather is amazing.

Its interesting what parts of the city I remember from ten years ago and what is new to the city, and new to me.

As alway, check the flickr for the most recent photos!


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2 thoughts on “Wild Wild West”

  1. Isn’t it weird to see something old that used to be so familiar to you changed into something different? We went to look at our old house a few years ago when it was on the market just to see how it was different, and the nostalgia and memories that came back to me were intense! Even though a lot had changed; there still was just so much familiarity after all those years.

  2. I feel very similar to our trips back to the Dallas area. Obviously our house hasn’t changed much – folks are still there. But the surrounding landscapes are vastly different…schools have gotten remodeled, new shopping centers you name it.

    Enjoy your travels cuz and thanks for popping in at my site! :)

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