Morocco Photos

This isn’t news if you kept up with La Route Libre, but… I went to Morocco this summer. Anyway, today I’m entering a few of my pictures in a contest run by the study abroad company I went with, and did some minor photo editing (brightness, contrast, saturation) before sending them in (the form on the website wasn’t working but that’s a different story) so I figured I’d upload them here just for funsies. You’ve seen ’em before but these are the richer versions. I guess you could say I consider these the best photos of the trip? I have other favorites too of course.

Someday I’ll have a nice shiny expensive camera that takes pictures this rich with little to no post-editing :)

Morocco Submission 1 SL
I tried to take a discreet, candid photo and the man looked up as I snapped it.
Morocco Submission 2 SL
Taken at Medersa Ben Yoursef in Marrakech.
Morocco Submission 3 SL
In Morocco, it’s like cats outnumber people. Taken at the Chellah ruins; over 40 cats have free run of the place.

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