Packing Light

So my friend just moved all the way across the country and took all of her belongings in two suitcases and a backpack. She went by plane so each suitcase was under 50 pounds and her books were contained in a backpack or two.


Deidra did the same thing when she moved from Oregon to Kansas and vice versa. Pared everything down to one or two huge bags and that’s it. Okay, on the way back to Oregon there were several large boxes shipped expensively with heavy books.

I admire this more than I can put into words.

I would never be able to do this. Darn attachment to material possessions. I’ll qualify: I think I could get most everything down to that size if I forsook my furniture and electronics. I just really like my stereo and wouldn’t want to buy another one if the one I have is perfectly good. Same with my mattress. Mattresses are expensive!

But at the same time I think about what I took to Morocco: One huge blue suitcase under 50 pounds and a small duffel. And I was perfectly okay for two months. I survived and didn’t even buy stuff to replace what I’d left behind. Like at all. Granted, I was living with a host family that had a bed for me and lent me a big fluffy towel since I was totally an airhead and that’s the one thing I forgot.

When Doug visited me last month he brought everything he needed in a backpack and a tennis bag. The boy is crazy.

I have been thinking almost obsessively about moving (packing, logistics, money, etc) in anticipation of December when I’m heading on back to the promised land (Kansas)! Thoughts? Best to pack/move light or to cart all your stuff so you don’t have to replace it when you get to your destination?


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One thought on “Packing Light”

  1. Don’t worry! Everything will work out alright with all the moving :) I say bring the things like your electronics and mattress; you don’t want to have to buy new ones when you come out OR just do without them when you are blessed to have those nice things! Yeah, I came to visit with a small amount of stuff and Deidra moved with small amounts, but mine was a short visit and Deidra’s was fairly temporary.

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