Room Inspiration Board #1

When I enrolled in college, I intended to major in Interior Design. Later I changed my mind and now I’m majoring in International Studies. Very different. I changed from Interior Design because I was afraid that being forced to do something I love (by the clients) would burn me out on it and change how I felt about it. One bachelor’s degree (almost!) in IS later, I’m kind of still wishing I could be an interior designer. We’ll see where life takes me… :)

My black, white, and green New York themed room
My black, white, and green New York themed room. Click to enlarge. Warning... the file it links to is HUGE and I'm not sure as of yet how to make it smaller.

Mostly I designed this “dream room” because I already own the black dresser and brown bookcase. Was interested in creating a room around existing pieces of furniture.

The headboard in the design would be a “skyline” of stereotypical New York landmarks, including the Empire State building, Chrysler building, Brooklyn Bridge, and Statue of Liberty. This would be self-created, drawn onto a board of MDF and cut out with a jigsaw, and painted with high-gloss black enamel.

Giant wall hanging of New York (focus on the flatiron building) by IKEA
John Lennon New York poster from ebay
Green vases, Z Gallerie
Woven leaf basket, IKEA
Low wooden bookshelf, Target
Metal CD holder, The Container Store
White bedding, Z Gallerie

Book and CD collections, owner’s own, provide necessary pops of color.


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