Room Inspiration Board #2

This room has been rolling around in my brain for a while ever since I had the idea to paint my bed yellow. I figured it’d make the normal into the unique!

blue and yellow loft layout
blue and yellow loft layout. click to enlarge, again its an obscenely huge file.

The general idea here is that it’s a loft-type room, with the living and sleeping area broken up a bit. The back wall is a really deep navy blue which makes the yellow bed frame “pop” more. Each of the side walls (in my mind) are exposed bricks painted solid white. The floor is polished concrete. Here I’ve got stuff I already own, again: the brown dresser and the bed frame. Both used. I have the bedding as well–clearance from IKEA! :)

White shag rug from Sears
Blue mid-century modern chair from craigslist
Orange coat rack from Urban Outfitters
EXPEDIT bookshelf in white from IKEA
Windmill-motif bedding from IKEA (puppy optional)
Tibetan prayer flags from… Tibet (or any hippie himalaya themed store)


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5 thoughts on “Room Inspiration Board #2”

  1. The listening/reading nook. Chair… turntable…storage. Yup, I dig it!

    We’ve got the EXPEDIT shelfing in our kitchen. Holds all our pots/pans, wine, knives…you name it :)

    1. Nice!! I got it at IKEA some time ago on clearance for like 5 bucks. Its all wrapped up and ready to become my new bedcovering in Kansas.

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