A few weeks ago Doug and I picked up some chairs for $5 each. These chairs were in need of a little TLC, and I’m finally getting around to giving them the perk-up they deserve.

You can also catch a glimpse of my slightly untidy computer workspace

Before, they were a blonde wood with some remnants of finish on them and what appears to be the memory of an upholstered back… the back is gone and the wood is dirty and stained in places. So, we decided to use some brown paint we already had (same color as in the kitchen) and paint them, thereby tying the dining room in with the kitchen and using free paint. Borrowed some finish coat from a friend who recently finished his own coffee-table project, so altogether this project will only cost us however much new little rubber feet for the chairs will cost (have not priced them yet).

Not quite done (one more coat of polycrylic to go)

I have not as of yet decided what to do with the teal vinyl seat, so for now it will remain the same. Luckliy we picked ones without any rips or holes in them, so they still look OK. Plus, the trim in the kitchen is teal, making them tie the two rooms together even more tightly.


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