Lonny Magazine

Several months after the rest of the interior design and blogging world, I have discovered Lonny magazine.

Founded by two contributers from the now-extinct Domino magazine (moment of silence, please), Lonny picks up where Domino left off (except the price tags on the items are slightly higher in many cases; bummer) with bright, fresh, stylish, carefree interior design. And since they don’t have to pay for paper (the magazine is completely online) the issues are very long, with neat click-through links within the text and from the ads.

No paper means longer issues which means more detail shots in house tours!!

There are currently six issues to peruse and get inspiration from (the new one is not pictured in the archives since it is accessed through the main page).

Why the weird screen shots, you ask? Well, because I don’t know the laws in regards to using any of their graphics or anything when writing about the magazine here on my blog. So, better safe than sorry. Plus, now you know what to expect from their site.


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