Room Inspiration Board #3

Inspiration… it can come from anywhere, can’t it? Well, lately I have been borrowing Dawson’s Creek on DVD from my friend who owns all 6 seasons. As I have been chugging dutifully along before and after work (currently halfway through season 5), I have been longing to go back to Boston (went there for the h-moon) or to visit Cape Cod for the first time. Ironically enough, the nature images in my mind from what I’ve seen on the show are an inaccurate representation of the cape… the show is actually filmed in North Carolina.

All images below have been lovingly plucked from their respective etsy stores, hopefully to encourage some purchases!! All links have been provided below.

1. Bolex H16 Reflex5 8×8 Print by Roosevelt

2. Cape Cod Calendar 2011 Sneak Peek by AfricanGrey (personal fave)

3. 8×10 inches polaroid fine art print by pocketmemories

4. Decorative Throw Pillow Cover Brick Red by asmushomeinteriors

5. Brick red tall ship throw pillow 18 inches by sjones04901

6. Red Birds on a Wired print pillow by carlossantiago

7. Yellow Dory – 5×7 Fine Art Photography print by maryvican


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