Hare-brained Idea?

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Somebody sold somebody a list with my name and address on it, and I have begun to receive mass mailings from charities asking for my money. For the record, Doug and I give money to our church and our two sponsored children every month, and don’t have tons extra to send to every cause, regardless of how worthy I agree that it is.

“Everybody receives charity letters,” you tell me, “just ignore them!” Well, they are hard to ignore if I get one every other day. Within the past week I have gotten letters from Doctors Without Borders, The IRC, UNICEF, UNHCR, Habitat for Humanity, and Oxfam, and I still feel like I’m forgetting one. Among this list are some of my dream employers. I have supported UNICEF for years and if I got a job there, I would feel like I’m making a difference in the world. I applied for a competitive internship at The IRC in San Diego (and didn’t get it).

I got this crazy idea and would like to have your opinion on it. Instead of enclosing money, which I am unable to do (each charity recommends $25 or more–altogether I would have donated $150 in a week!), I thought of enclosing a cover letter (essentially–“You’re asking for my help? I’d LOVE to help and here’s how!”) and resume and mailing it right back (with my own stamp to save them each return-mailing) to the non-profit in question.

Is it too bold? Is it just a waste of time–will it just get thrown away when it reaches its destination? Is it creative genius? Please, I’d love your opinion on this crazy idea.


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5 thoughts on “Hare-brained Idea?”

  1. I say go for it! You know the saying, “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.” You are willing to give your most precious asset, your time.

  2. I think you should go for it! What could trying hurt? The worst thing that could happen is you hear nothing back from them, and the best is that they pay attention to it and actually offer you a job!! If you do it, you’ll never have to look back and say I wonder what would have happened if I had done it…you’ll instead have an answer

  3. Do it. Hopefully someone will be impressed by how bold you are. It’s better than writing deceased on each envelope and sending it back. At least you are attempting to help both them and yourself.

  4. Go for it. It is just a few pennies per letter and who knows where God will take you. Hopefully close to SoCal. :-)

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