White Elephant Gift

Classy, yes?

This year we were invited to 3 white elephant parties.
Today we did shopping for 2 of them.

Would you enjoy receiving…

1. A bottle full of nails?
2. A 60-foot 1-to-2 person tow rope (think waterskiiing)?
3. A Tribute to Michael Jackson trilogy of DVDs?
4. Some anime posters?

What is the best white elephant gift you’ve given/received?


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3 thoughts on “White Elephant Gift”

  1. The best one I remember is one my dad got when we were kids. It was one of those scratcher lottery thingies, (which even would have been entertaining had it been normal) but when you scratched it off, it had some big prize… until you read the fine print. Claiming the prize had something to do with contacting the Easter bunny and such like that.

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