Brown Paper Packages

…tied up in string, this is one of my favorite things!!

I have totally been into brown kraft paper for a while now and am super excited that it is the big trend this season. Not convinced that it’s a trend? Check out Christmas decoration from West Elm, Etsy, and Target. Okay, so the Target collection isn’t really kraft paper, but it’s all about brown colors and natural elements. Additionally, at a few stores I shopped at, I was presented with a decorative kraft paper bag, making my job easier because all the gift needed was some attractive tissue paper to fill the bag.

You probably don’t know this about me, but I love themes. Decorating with a theme, cooking with a theme, etc. Well, my Christmas theme this year is, well you guessed it. Using paper grocery bags I’ve saved made gift wrapping a free endeavor (except for the one roll of super adorable Scotch-brand wrapping paper we bought, but it also fits with the theme). My tree is decorated with paper and the gifts stored underneath it (until we distribute them to our friends & family members) are dressed to match.

Spoiler alert. No, you can't see who it's for.

I thank my good friend and former roommate for the abundance of twine, which I’ve used for everything from my wedding, to home decor, to actually tying stuff together, and now to wrapping presents. Also, how cute are those mini clothespins?? SO CUTE!

Stay tuned for Christmas tree photos at a later date. Yes, you’ll see stuff made out of brown paper bags. You have lots to look forward to :)


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