This Time Last Year

Welcome to one year ago. Didn’t know my blog was a time machine, did you?

Here is the living room one day after Lisa and I went to thrift stores in search of furnishings (in other words, “to fill the blank gray/green walls with SOMETHING). The “tapestry” (tablecloth) on the left wall was one of our scores–just one dollar!

Taken one year ago, a week after moving in. Click to enlarge.
These empty frames were a steal at 50 cents each, and the painting of "papa" was 1.50.

The original idea was to fill the two thin walls flanking the entryway with empty frames for an artistic and dramatic look, but after our jackpot with the two fairly large frames (the one on the right was a Temecula antique store buy when I lived in California) the Frame Well dried up and I haven’t found anything as good and cheap. In a whole YEAR.  Sad face.

You can see my vinyl green chair peeking out from behind the blue couch, sorry I don’t have a better picture–this chair no longer lives in the living room. He has made his way to the office where I sit this very moment… but you won’t see pictures of the office for a loooooong time because it’s the place where we stash all our messy stuff in an attempt to keep the rest of the house clean.

Sorry, got off topic there for a moment. As you’ll see this week, the living room has stayed largely the same, but little by little has become better with editing, adding and updating. Hey, that was catchy!


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