The Cast of Characters

The only pieces of furniture in the living room that have been paid for are the record cabinet and the bookshelf.

Let me introduce you to our ragtag gang that somehow form a more cohesive room than I ever would have expected. I’m going to kind of go chronologically so you can see the order these pieces arrived in the apartment. I’ve even named and priced them like you’d see in a catalog ;)

"Blanchard" Coffee Table $0. My friends and previous tenants left this behind. Please don't mind the clutter.
"Beukelman" Couch, $0. Given to us by our friend, who got it from her mom. Excuse the dirty cushion--working on that. Pillows from IKEA.
"Landfill" Desk, $0. Serves as our entertainment unit. Crate underneath makes it feel less "desklike." I hope to someday refinish this and be able to show you a "before and after."
"Collage" Small Shelf, $0. In college I painstakingly decoupaged this myself.

[Not Pictured] Kyle’s Record Cabinet $2. Currently covered up and holding my Christmas tree.

"Michael W." Table, $0. I was given this table after my neighbor passed away. It belonged to him.
"Hutchinson" Chair, $0. Given to Doug by a neighbor. Set of 2. Pillow from Urban Outfitters.

[Not Pictured] Jackson Speakers $0. Given to us by Doug’s parents, they elongate the desk and make it more “entertainment center-y.” You’ll see.

"Target" Bookshelf, $30. Featured in post "Some Assembly Required." It wasn't easy.

For those of you keeping score, Total cost of living room furniture: $32

Of course, paint and decorative items raise the total of the room. Duh. But getting most of our stuff for free allowed us to invest in other items and generally bring the “look” together.

Questions? Comments? I would love some feedback.


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