Thrifty Thursday

Thursdays, instead of working during the day I work in the evening. This means that I get to adventure during the day and look for awesome finds like this one I’m SO PUMPED about!

Looking for shelves, I went to our local “creepy” thrift store. I found some runners-up but nothing perfect. Then I ventured over to the “transfer station” otherwise known as the dump. They have a shed (“re-use center”) where people leave stuff in hopes that one man’s trash will become another man’s treasure.


Have I built it up enough yet? I thereby present to you:

The Wurlitzer 200!!

All of the keys work and it sounds amazing. I grabbed it assuming it didn’t work and was excited about it for the decor factor. A friend of mine who was at the reuse center the day before said that it wasn’t there Wednesday. Clearly I was in the right place at the right time.

Yeah, that’s a picture reused from Friday’s living room tour. Doug already took it to band practice (before I could get some close ups for the blog) so who knows when I’ll see it again.

He's more excited about it than I am... Photo credit to Adam and instagram

Our friend Adam found one in great condition on ebay for over 2 grand. Ours is pretty banged up but I’m still excited about such an amazing score!


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6 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday”

  1. WURLI UPDATE 2011:
    we need to take it over to sounds great to get the auxiliary output fixed. tried to plug it into an amp last night. no luck. WURLI SHALL LIVE AGAIN!FOREVER.AMEN

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