Organization Perfection

One of my current goals (I have a lot of goals, okay?) is getting my office to look more like a “room” than “that space behind the room divider where they shove stuff they don’t know what to do with.” Especially as I try to blog more consistently (every day if I can) I have found myself spending more and more time in this cluttered area.

Last night was a big deal! I did some major rearrangement and reorganization. It’s your lucky day… I dug around on my memory card and came up with a “before” picture. It is actually from quite a while ago. I think I took it back in September when I was taking pictures for my room divider post, to show what was going on behind the room divider.

Redoing the cabinets is on my list of New Year's Resolutions.

Not a ton has changed. The shelf I’m about to show you is over there on the left, covered in a blue piece of fabric because the “organization” on the shelf itself was, as they say, a hot mess.

I pretty much swapped the positions of the green chair and the shelf. This makes the office seem much more “roomlike.” Also, several rugs have been added which adds to the eclectic nature of the space. Once I do a little more in here I’ll share more pictures.


The blue tote now contains our power tools (2 cordless drills, a dremel, and attachments). The boxes below that contain an assortment of things–one contains cassette tapes and vhs tapes for example. Also featured are sewing patterns. The two boxes on the top (one black, one white) hold CDs. Doug and I each have one and we got our most-listened-to CDs from our collection and put them in an accessible place. The rest are in a cabinet elsewhere.

Speaking of tapes, I am currently listening to an Emmylou Harris tape (including a rendition of “Mr Sandman,” a song that reminds me of Back To The Future every time!) on that radio you see there. Very nice.


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2 thoughts on “Organization Perfection”

    1. Very true. Add the fact that it always seems necessary to BUY containers to put things in and it’s a wonder it gets done at all!

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