Welcome to my Kitchen

You know what room is horribly underrepresented in this blog? I’ll give you a hint. It’s in the title of this post.

I was thinking, it doesn’t make sense that I haven’t talked about the kitchen at all because it’s one of the more completed rooms in the house. The theme I have going on with the kitchen is “world travel.” This is where awesome international stuff and souvenirs come to live since none of them are quite intense (read: big) enough to stand alone as an accent piece in another room. So I have grouped them in here. They also help when I’m at a loss for making meals… I look around the room and get inspired to make an interesting international dish.

Below is a shot of when you step into the kitchen. You see the sink and counter. Yes, that is the extent of our counter space. In the WHOLE kitchen. See those cabinets? Also the extent of our cabinet space (plus one above the fridge). Storage is at a premium here. Hence the hanging basket which you can glimpse on the left part of the image.

Out of view (to the right of the picture) is the oven. When the old one broke the landlord had to search and wait for a backordered 27 inch oven. Because our kitchen is tiny and a normal sized one won’t fit.

On the left side of the picture, where you can see the top of the trash can, is a wierd 7 foot tall column thingy. It really makes the room smaller and is kind of ponitless. But behind it is sort of counter space, I suppose, it has an outlet and is where our toaster oven lives (we’ve chosen to live without a microwave).

When you stand next to the trash can, you can see our breakfast nook. This was invaluable before we got a dining room table–we ate all our meals here and still eat most of our meals here. The benches look built-in but they are movable.

The 6 photos on the wall are pictures Doug and I took overseas in Dublin, Morocco(2), Rome, Paris, and London. They’re kind of our pride and joy :) The other two (poorly aligned–they should be closer together) canvases are images of Moroccan slippers and mirrors, picked up at Earthbound in Salina (buy one get one free!) And on the third wall of the breakfast nook, there are coffee bags we got from a local coffee shop for $5 a piece. Possibly my favorite decorative items in the whole apartment.

Questions? Comments? I’d love your feedback on one of my favorite rooms in our place.


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3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Kitchen”

  1. Your kitchen is seriously my favorite room… if I had to pick one. Your whole apartment is just overall bitchin’, so it makes it hard to pick a favorite. But I digress. Kitchen FTW.

    1. I agree!! Food of the Latin variety is ready to be a big international player once again in this kitchen.

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