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Today’s a balancing day. I didn’t get a blog post out before 11 this morning like I like to; instead I slept in till 8:30 (leaving me half an hour to get ready for work, which is pretty typical). I was a little extra tired due to our good weekend in Oklahoma City, which I enjoyed but tired me out due to missing out on my “sleep in” days, AKA Saturday and Sunday.

Actually, here’s another part of my lack of energy: somehow I threw out my back last Friday so I’ve kind of been taking it easy so as not to a) aggravate the pain and b) give it a chance to heal. So here I am blogging from my bed (I’m usually at my desk) among piles of pillows like an old timely invalid. It’s actually quite cozy. Somewhat contrarily to what I just finished saying about being an invalid, I’m also doing laundry and such… including putting away my suitcase from Christmas (I got back over 3 weeks ago, just sayin’).

Catching up on chores like this make me feel better about not being a hypocritical blogger. Creating a comfortable and stylish living space is only half of the battle–keeping it clean so that it looks good all the time (not just when I clean and style it for photos) is the REAL challenge that I’m focusing on maintaining. For the record, ever since “living room week” and all the photos I took of the room–it HAS stayed quite clean since my initial cleaning & styling! Now I’m trying to get my bedroom back to it’s full glory. I mean, it’s great to take on projects, work on them, and complete them, but being a mature adult and having a neat and tidy living space is a life long project and deserves to be celebrated just as much as another DIY.

Unless you have a maid. Then it’s not really Do It Yourself.


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