Oklahoma City

We drove right by this! So cool!

I’ve never been to tourist attractions in OKC. The attraction for me is that a large majority of my extended family lives there. This weekend was no different, we did not go to the Oklahoma City Zoo (which I’m told has neat architecture, in addition to the animals) nor have I ever seen the OKC bombing memorial, but that’s OK. (Didn’t mean to add the pun there).

We saw my grandparents, aunts, an uncle, cousins, second-cousins, and it was a lot of fun :)

By the by, we did try to go vintage shopping. Many of the stores were a bust, including Mister Rabbit which was recommended on Design*Sponge but was having a going-out of business sale when we ventured over, but we thoroughly enjoyed Bad Granny’s Bazaar and Guestroom Records. Time was running short so we didn’t get a chance to hit up Goodwill or Sally’s Boutique (Salvation Army). They are always much better in a town bigger than Hutchinson. Oh well! Next time we can see the other half of cousins we missed this time, and maybe the other half of stores we missed too!


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