More Bathrooms

Ever since making that board for Liz last week and planning on beginning its execution this coming weekend, I’ve got bathrooms on the brain.

My back has been killing me this week (getting it looked at tomorrow) and to alleviate the pain I took a long bath in my crazy, vintage bathroom. I’ll post a tour of it this week–it’ll be brief ’cause it’s hard to get a decent picture in such a small space.

Here are bits and pieces I love from current collections by the Big Three (in my–and many other decorators’–book) West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel. Images will link to stores where you can get some early birthday/Christmas shopping done for me ;)

West Elm

I love this look West Elm currently has going for it. The monochromatic walls & sink, then the standout blue of the shower curtain, it’s perfect. You can tell this isn’t a real room though, because in reality I bet that charcoal color would make any bathroom (without a window, skylight or natural light source) look suuuuper dark and sketchy.

Love this take on dual sinks. Much more interesting than the standard long slab counter.

Crazy about bright white and dark wood. It should also be mentioned that the reason I found this image was because I was looking about these really pretty towels. Potter Barn isn’t always my style, but I love the look of these:

Audrey Organic Towel Set. Wish list?

And finally, Crate and Barrel has pretty much the only shower curtain (that I’ve seen recently) that would even possibly work in our tri-colored bathroom (you’ll see… just wait). Their new Marimekko Samovari (in “Berry,” I call it “purple”)…

“Berry” nice! Also craving the green version of this for a sheet set.

I’m not going to build up “bathroom week” like I did with “living room week” but do expect to see some bathroom related posts as I continue to have decor for the least-spoken-of room of the house in the front of my mind…


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One thought on “More Bathrooms”

  1. I love the dual sinks! That’s such a great idea. I really like basin type sinks, so perhaps that would be a good combination!

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