Cabin Fever: Rearranging Furniture

Three posts in one day? You guys are going to think something’s wrong with me. Getting an unexpected day off of work was just what I needed–it gave me a little jolt of energy which has made me super-productive (more on that tomorrow…)

By now I think you all know what my living room is like (if not, check it out here). The room has been set up in the same way (more or less) since the week I moved in, 13 months ago. I have rearranged it a few times, been unhappy with the results, and put it back. This time I’m going to leave it for a few days to get to know the “feel.”

One of the differences between this rearrangement and previous rearrangements is the new tan and green rug my mom generously purchased for us last November. It really helps anchor the room, even at the wacky angle I’m currently testing out.

I moved the pink circle rug in from the office to help offset the empty floor I unearthed by moving the couch and sofa table. The only problem with this is that I don’t have a rug pad under it, so it slides every-which-way quite easily.

Please ignore the window. I know by saying this, it’ll draw more attention toward the window, but c’est la vie. Let me explain the weirdness, then: the towels are strategically placed to keep the snow out (no joke)!

I sort of feel like this arrangement downplays the dark green bathroom door. The old layout left more room to get to the bathroom (not that it’s difficult to get over there now–it’s fine), but since the door was directly across from the entertainment center with little in between the two visually, it made it more noticeable.

“Inside” the seating arrangement, I feel like there’s just as much room as before, but “outside” the seating area (ie, from the front door) I feel like the whole room looks bigger.

What do you think? Love it, or put it back to the way it was?


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3 thoughts on “Cabin Fever: Rearranging Furniture”

  1. I really like this! The “circular” feel of the couch and chairs seems like you are more concerned with the people in the chairs, instead of the tv being focal – and that’s good!

    1. Funny you should mention that. With the new arrangement it is actually much more comfortable to watch TV than it was before. Haha!

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