Laundry List

Today marks my debut into chalkboard paint!!

I know it’s a huge trend right now (love it!) but it might become dated… so I wanted to get in on the game in subtle, super-useful way.

Picture a pretty white list in nice handwriting.

I painted the inset on a cabinet door in the laundry room! I used to have a detailed list of chores taped up on it but the room got too humid (from the dryer) and the ink ran all over it. Go figure! So in 12 hours… (6 hours for paint to dry, plus 6 hours after coat 2) I can write the monthly list in chalk and…  it will get us to do chores! It’s easy when there are obvious options to tackle.

The list (can you think of anything to add?):
Daily: dishes, sweeping, make bed, tidy clutter, trash, clean kitchen surfaces
Weekly: wash sheets, all laundry, vacuum carpet, dust mop wood floor, dust surfaces, glass & mirrors, kitchen, bathroom
Bi-weekly: grocery shopping, recyclables
Monthly: wash comforter, paint touch-ups, mop kitchen floor, clean out fridge, Brita filter (every 4 mos)

Cost of Project:
Paint: negligible amount borrowed from my friend Peyton who had lots left over from her kitchen project.  $0
Chalk: came with a neat mug my friend gave me for Christmas (2 pieces)  $0

Total cost: $0!


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2 thoughts on “Laundry List”

  1. I love where you put the chalkboard. Great location! I know chalkboard paint has been “done,” but it looks awesome so I can’t even imagine it being dated. And I love how inventive people are getting with colours and what’s being painted. Yours is perfect.

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