Dining Room Progress

The paint is on the walls. We didn’t use a primer, so we had to put on 3 coats. No big, though, because it wasjust the lower third of the wall. The rest is the same, except we are in the process of painting the trim around the doors white (leaving the other trim brown).

Here’s the before, which I’m not sure I’ve shown yet…

Here’s a progress shot. Obviously it’s far from clean and far from done. But I feel good about the progress so far… the paint really lightens up the space, I think :)

Our to-do list:

  • Finish painting the door trim white
  • Finish painting the chairs dark brown (only one is done)
  • Get a new/better/white/cream tablecloth
  • Find a great way to arrange our art on the wall… and decide whether we want to focus on one wall or all of them
  • Get a great rug to anchor the room (a girl can dream!)

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3 thoughts on “Dining Room Progress”

  1. I am totally loving dark furniture so I’m excited to see how it all looks put together!! And a brighter table cloth will really open up the room :)

  2. You might be able to pick up a couple of bookcases at the estate sale next weekend. And there should be some tablecloths, etc. as well. They have this really cool drop leaf table that you might be able to use somewhere, as a desk or something. Just thinkin. . .

    It looks great with the new color scheme.

  3. It’s not just you, the paint DOES lighten the space up. Here’s what I thought when I first saw the second picture –> “Wow! That really lightens it up!” :)

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