Bad Blogger

My energy level is at o these days for reasons unexplainable. It’s affected my ability to come up with blogging material (obviously).

I was going to put up some pictures but I left my purse + camera at work yesterday… so no photos.

I know! I’ll make it Q&A day. Post questions for me in the comments (on my blog, not on the facebook feed post) and I’ll answer them!

-Sleepy Staci

PS: Here’s a video to hopefully get your energy level above mine!


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2 thoughts on “Bad Blogger”

  1. I’ve been totally digging Florence + the Machine :)Alright, for my question:

    …..What is the hardest room for you to keep organized? What things do you keep in place to help?

    I am not someone who naturally thinks to put things away after I use them ESPECIALLY if there is not a place specifically for it…ie: I use to leave my shoes everywhere so I decided to get a basket by the front door to throw them into, which helped a lot…but need more ideas for others areas of the house! I want them to be cute and aesthetically pleasing as well as practical.

    1. Ugh, my office is my nightmare. It’s not as bad as it was a few weeks ago, but it’s still a disaster. (That’s why you rarely see picture of it aside from my desk).
      The problem is that I have no storage. In my dream office I have a white EXPEDIT from Ikea with tote boxes in each hole to conceal and contain craft items, magazines, and books. Just think of it like your shoe storage solution x 6 or 8, haha. I’m not that organized of a person either, which is why mucho dedicated storage is a must, or else I just end up with messy piles.

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