Six Months

Six months is kind of the timeline I am running with in my head here as far as the next part of my life. As I wrote before, I’m hitting the job search full-force and it’s why my blogs have been lackluster. Trying to make yourself look awesome in a cover letter is hard (and not-so-far rewarding) work!

In order to keep myself sane and optimistic, I’ve had fun looking through craigslist ads of each city to get a feel of neighborhoods and the [rental] housing market. I’ve found some real duds, gotten to know price points in each city, and I’m already dreaming of decorating my hypothetical new place. Links for the original image are in the caption.

Could this be my San Diego casita?

I could go for a Kansas City apartment near the Plaza.

Ready to move into this Nashville cottage.

How about a loft on Congress St in Portland? (Photo by me)

I know everybody has opinions about where I should go, as do I, but the reality is that it’s really hard to find a job and I’ll go pretty much to whoever will take me. (It’s why I’m applying only to jobs in cities I think would be cool–I’m not that foolish to blindly accept a job in a tiny town I know nothing about). On that note, if you hear about anything I’d be interested in shoot me an e-mail!

PS. I tried to make my images look like damaged polaroid film, or the “hipstamatic” iphone app. How’d I do?


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