A Tale of Two Cabinets

First, I know I showed you the preliminary “after” of my chalkboard cabinet but never showed what it looks like with chalk on it. My camera isn’t as crisp as it used to be. Does anyone know if they get fuzzier when they start wearing out? Or maybe I was just shooting too close….

My regret is not using a roller. By painting with a brush, there are brush strokes in the dried paint which means it’s not as smooth as a regular chalkboard and a little harder to write on.  Still, I like how it turned out and I think it’s really useful.

Secondly, this is a quick little fix-it I did over a month ago on my first snow day. The inside of my tall (broom sized) kitchen cabinet was dis-gus-ting. Cleaning with harsh chemicals didn’t even really do anything, so I just covered it up with some kitchen-colored paint I found among our 40 cans that came with the apartment.

before = gross.

clean= much better.

Plus, I added a shelf about a foot from the top of the cabinet to hold trash bags, etc. By doing that, I freed up some real estate under the sink!!

Painting this with “regular” paint makes me even more happy that we used Valspar low VOC paint for our living room and dining room color changes. It’s been a month and when I open up the broom cabinet it still smells like “new paint.” The rest of my house, however, even the freshly painted dining room, just smells like “my house.” The cost is the same so I don’t see any reason not to use low or no VOC paint.  For those who’ve heard the term but don’t know what it stands for, VOC stands for volatile organic compounds–aka the stinky smell of fresh paint, new shower curtains, etc. Evidently someone finally figured out that those offset gases are bad for you (who’da thought) and technology has been changing so as so be safer for all involved.


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