For Japan With Love

Japan. As nerdy as the fact is, Japanese culture and Japanese animation were important, formative parts of my jr high and high school life. It’s because of this I’m as good as I am with websites/computers. So, I guess you could say Japan is important to me.

Sneaking this blog in before midnight because tomorrow (Friday) is the “Bloggers day of silence” to raise awareness (well, people are pretty much aware) of the crisis in Japan, but more importantly to show readers a way they can help out. By donating to Shelter Box, much-needed supplies will be sent over there. (By the way, click the link and check out the goal and current money raised. Phenomenal.)

Even if the donation is $5, I think I have at least 20 regular readers–if they all donated $5, that would be $100. Impressed by my math there?

For Japan With Love was started by Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged. Check out their blogs for more info.


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