Finally: The Office

It only took me a year to get this room in order.

That’s not entirely true. It took me like three days once we moved the bookshelf into the room. Finally, I had a place to put things other than the floor. Once I got rollin, I filled up a huge garbage bag with trash, organized things, and finished cleaning up the room. By the way, we found this shelf for free at the transfer station! Kind of like this and this… good things come from the dump :)


The Easiest Part: Putting containers on the new bookshelf that were already appropriately-sized.

The Hardest Part: Dealing with piles of “important” paperwork that are worth keeping around, but which have no real place to file them.

The Most Fun Part: Hanging a long branch over the off-centered window and creating scrapbook paper bunting to balance the space. Since the window’s frosted, I enjoyed making an alternate window treatment without using cloth :)


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3 thoughts on “Finally: The Office”

  1. I LOVE this. I wish I could see it in person. I absolutely love the branch idea and I may just steal that for my apt next year…

  2. This room is SOOO cute!!!! I love the shelf, can’t believe it is in such great shape! (I am waking up in 4-1/2 hours but still looking at design blogs including your blog…..) I also love the alternative window treatment, genius! I wish we had enough money to replace some things in our apartment. A lot of our furniture was given to us for free (giant couches with giant ottoman, large queen bedroom set) and is in great condition, so we don’t want to give it away, but our small apartment is stuck in a rut! Regretting our silver duvet cover, actually, so I was glad to see you have one too…ugh I have made like 3 sets of curtains this week because I was craving DIY projects. And bought a staple gun, fabric glue etc., so they were actually expensive DIYs. Longest comment ever? haha

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