Relish the Moment

The best part of baseball season: hot dogs.

The thing is, most people have a love/hate relationship in hot dogs. At one point, an adult in our lives informed us what hot dogs are made of, so we went through a phase where we refused to eat them… then got over it. For most of my life my family and I have eaten turkey dogs, but I always had a soft spot for Hebrew National thanks to cheap lunches at Costco. Plus, I have more confidence in the quality of their meat.  After an unhealthy addiction to Sonic’s new specialty dogs (especially the Chicago dog! Didn’t know such a thing existed…) the decision was made that it would be much cheaper to just eat our hot dogs at home. Today we picked up a pack of Hebrew Nationals, some fancy Pepperidge Farms sesame seed hoagie rolls–all of the hot dog buns were sold out. On baseball’s opening weekend & the first good weather in a while. Imagine that! Anyway, armed with our premium hot dogs and fancy pants buns, we were ready for dinner.

Inspired by Sonic’s fancy pants dogs I decided to forgo store bought relish and make my own. Loved it. You can too:

Staci’s Fancy Pants Relish

2 dill pickle spears
1/4 yellow onion
1/2 tomato
the “bottom” of one red bell pepper (I just had leftovers on hand, ok?)
1 tsp sugar

Pulse in food processor for a chunky texture.


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