Coffee Maker

It seems like everyone I talk to is obsessed with French Press coffee. Like, OBSESSED. And to put it frankly, it’s very annoying. That said, I would like to try something other than my trusty 4-cup Mr Coffee my dad gave me in ’07. Although I try to clean it regularly, it’s getting a little… musty?

Even though I’m not keen on French Press, this guy would look good in my kitchen. I have a coffee carafe this color and the dog dishes we just got are this color… (no dog yet, I don’t wanna talk about it…)

THIS is what I want to make espresso at home. Same price as a French Press and reminds me of mornings at Angela’s house. Gonna save my pennies!


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2 thoughts on “Coffee Maker”

  1. Awww Stac, you’ll always have a cup of percolated coffee at my house (wherever that may be!)

    If you are ever near a Ross or Marshalls you can pick up a mini percolator for like 6 bucks :)

    Also achileanabroad is functional again :)

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