I don’t get it.

Well, it’s not as bad as when the furnace went out this January, making it 40 degrees in here and forcing us to sleep on Adam’s floor in sleeping bags, but here’s my excuse for the day: The water heater’s out.
I was going to get up around 6:30 with Doug, take a shower after he took his, write a blog for publication later today, and get some other stuff done. On Saturday for some reason I was up and at ’em at 6:30 and ended up cleaning every floor surface in the house. Felt good to get some stuff done for the first time in weeks (the pup requires constant attention if we want our books and rugs to stay nice).
Well, our new landlords were doing something with the gas line and shut it off for the whole place–they relit the furnace pilot light and the oven is OK, but Doug said he ran the water for almost 10 minutes and it never heated up.
So, without the shower to jump start my day I just slept in until 8:30 :)

What’s keeping you from doing stuff around the house?


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3 thoughts on “I don’t get it.”

  1. Working three jobs is keeping me from doing what needs to be done! (and we are moving in a month so A LOT needs to get done!) I’ve gotten learn to say no to some of my work right now.

  2. finals… and all of the papers I’ve put off until the last minute. We’re moving out in a couple of days but everyone has been so busy we have just let the apartment go completely. it’s bad. I keep telling myself it will just be easier to pack this way!

    1. Good luck! I know you can pull through. And please please please try not to pack your stuff up while it’s still dirty. Ick.

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