Cucumber Salsa

Cucumber salsa is the perfect fresh snack for Cinco de Mayo! Actually, I had never even heard of this until about a year ago when my neighbors introduced us to it on a camping trip. I absolutely love it because it’s not spicy at all (great for those who are sometimes afraid of salsa), just crisp, fresh and refreshing! Great on tortilla chips or pita chips.


1 1/2 cucumbers, cut into chunks
1/2 package grape tomatoes, cut into fourths
White onion to taste (I know some people love them and some hate them)
Cilantro, salt, pepper, and lemon juice to taste
Splash of olive oil

Cut tomatoes, cucumber, and onion into chunks. Add cilantro, salt, pepper, lemon juice and a little bit of olive oil.

Divide mixture and pulse half of it in a food processor to desired consistency (see picture below).

Mix both together and enjoy! It’s especially good the next day after flavors have mixed.

Olé!!! Have a responsible and enjoyable Cinco de Mayo everyone!


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