Head to the ATM…

…because it’s officially garage sale season and I’ve never seen someone take credit or debit in their front yard. So get your cash ready.

Last weekend we went to a neighboring town’s city-wide garage sale, and aside from snagging a fairly large Coleman cooler for $5 and some infant clothes for our friend who’s expecting, we didn’t come away with much. However, before that we’d stopped at a garage sale our alma mater was holding at the storage building and I almost got a huge metal and wood office desk for $2. Would have been a steal but we have no place for it right now and we don’t want to carry it up the stairs. I did, however spend my $2 on this little beauty:

Gray is the “it” color right now and in our next place I want to do all the walls cohesively in shades of gray. I’m so excited about the color of this little utility cart and how great it looks as a side-table. Just think, people spend hundreds of dollars to get this look, and I got it for 2! It’s now between the two brown rocking armchairs on the far wall of the living room. The table that was there before, that Doug’s brother built (he has some mad skills!) has migrated it’s way to the kitchen.

I know it’s hardly original at this point, but how great does that gray look with the yellow wall color?

Seriously, I’m in love. I can’t stop staring at it while I write.


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