Industrial Shelving

Next time I have the opportunity to fill a whole wall with shelves, I am going to seize it with both hands and do it! I’m thinking painting a pattern or wallpapering behind the shelves first, then putting up rough industrial shelves: gray brackets and white or light pine boards. I especially envision this in/near a kitchen, holding nicely stacked groups of dishes.

I love the repetition of using the same wood and brackets for the whole space, and leaving the back open so the wallpaper or bold wall color can peek through.

Here are some inspiration pictures, gleaned from Pinterest (click the image to get to the original source):

From Country Living (my personal favorite)
From Apartment Therapy
From Roseland Greene

Excellent. Inexpensive, chic, and useful.


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One thought on “Industrial Shelving”

  1. those look cool!
    would look good with some nice sealed, exposed brick.

    or at least in my brain.
    messy, single man brain.

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