Curb Appeal

I really like that phrase, although we don’t really have a curb… The idea conveyed still applies, however.

Our apartment’s hallway is really something out of a bad horror movie. A long, dark, creepy hallway complete with dim lighting, peeling paint, chunks missing from the wall(?!) and creaky floors. There isn’t much we can do about this, because the hallway’s sort of “no man’s land” between our lot and the lot to the south–is it owned by our landlord or the other landlord?

If only. Image via sugrdva on flickr.

Anyway, I’ve been spending some time brainstorming ways to improve our “curb appeal,” if you will, so that first-time visitors to our abode won’t turn and run before making it through the front door. Something above the level of regular sweeping (something my neighbors and I could work on, honestly).

What I’d like to try to do is create some kind of low, narrow unit that could sit to the left of the door, under the chair rail. I especially like the first part of this Before & After from design*sponge, where the reader DIY’ed a credenza from dresser drawers. I feel like I could make a nice one with a small drawer. This would be great because then the mail/UPS/fedex guy would have a little niche in which to slip a package, that wouldn’t scream “hey! there’s a package at this apartment and nobody’s home!” However, try as I might I have yet to come across the perfect drawer.

For now, I guess the best I can do is keep sweeping… :)


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