Foreign Feature

For the first time in my knowledge, one of my projects has been shared somewhere else on the “blogosphere.”  Evidently, my wood pallet room divider was featured on a Turkish website. Yes, that’s right.

Check it here. If you’re using Google chrome (like me) they’ll translate everything for you. If you aren’t, this is what they said,

“I found a very nice thing made of wood from the palette, beautiful screen Is not been …”

Yes, the translation is wonky, but they called it beautiful! :D

That post is definitely my most-viewed project to date; when we made the room divider I had no idea how popular using wood pallets in creative ways would be!


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3 thoughts on “Foreign Feature”

  1. That’s awesome Stac, how did you find out that you were featured? Did they contact you or did you happen to stumble across it? Also you should translate some of the comments!

    1. WordPress has a feature that shows you where visitors to your site are coming from. Mine’s usually facebook (due to self-promoting) but I noticed an unusually high number of hits from that address.

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